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digiSTORY KC offers three workshop opportunities for Girl Scouts through their Community Partners program.  digiSTORY KC program information is available for scout leaders at this “You Schedule It” website:

Girl Scout troops bring their girls to our digiSTORY Academy to participate in these workshops.  Most sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours in length.  All of the equipment and supplies needed for the workshop activities are provided by digiSTORY KC.  All of the workshops relate to story development or the multimedia production of stories.  Here is a summary of the three workshops currently available from digiSTORY KC through the Girl Scout’s Community Partners program:


How do you create a story “from scratch?” This workshop helps girls understand the key elements needed for a good story and provides prompts to help them form their stories. We show digiSTORY KC’s story model using Lion King as an example of how good stories are constructed. We also show a few entertaining clips from classic movies that illustrate how those key story requirements have worked effectively. Girls will also work in small teams to create a “storyboard” – a 6-8 frame outline of a story concept they create.

Length: 1.5 hours   Cost: $15.00 per girl.  Recommended for Brownies (Grades 2-3), Juniors (Grades 4-5)


This session helps girls understand how all forms of animation and video are made up of individual images shown in a sequence that makes them appear to move.

The workshop provides hands-on learning about how animation works. Concepts include “key framing,”  “frame rates” and how the “persistence of vision” makes still images appear to move to the viewer.  In this session each girl will construct a simple “thaumatrope,” and a “flipbook” that simulates animation. The girls will view examples of animation at different frame rates and see how animators place images together to create animations. They will also have a brief hands-on experience using ZU3D software and LEGO® characters to piece together a short animated action sequence.  Length: 2.0 hours   Cost: $15.00 per girl.  Recommended for Brownies (Grades 2-3), Juniors (Grades 4-5)


What is it like to be part of a multimedia studio team? Find out in digiSTORY KC’s Multimedia Lab Experience. This two-hour workshop provides the opportunity to select a job role and collaborate with teammates to add the multimedia and text elements for a Claymation production. Select from these job roles and learn about that career in multimedia as you fulfill the project requirements for that position: Director, Actor, Film & Video Editor, Multimedia Animator, Sound Engineering Technician, and Producer. Participants build skills in collaboration as they complete their specific roles for the multimedia team.  Length: 2.0 hours   Cost: $15.00 per girl.  Recommended for Brownies (Grades 2-3), Juniors (Grades 4-5), Cadettes (Grades 6-8)


We have two versions of our Multimedia Lab Experience, a 2-hour version and a 4-hour version: the Multimedia Collaboration Project.  The difference between them is that the 2-hour version leaves out the camera work of shooting each frame to create the animation, while the 4-hour version allows teams enough time to do the camera shooting of each animation frame.  The two-hour version has each team working on the same Claymation story, while the 4-hour version has each team working on one or two scenes from a longer script using LEGO® figures.  Each team in the 4-hour LEGO® version contributes to an overall seven-scene group production.  Length: 4.0 hours   Cost: $25.00 per girl.  Recommended for Juniors (Grades 4-5), Cadettes (Grades 6-8)

digiSTORY KC is committed to providing opportunities for girls to experience STEM activities.  We are pleased to be working with the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri on their Community Partners program.