About digiKIDS KC

digiKIDS KC is a coalition of non-profit and educational organizations that shares a common interest in providing experiential training opportunities in digital media and digital storytelling for children in grades pre-K-12. We work together to achieve more collective good than could be achieved through independent efforts.


digiKIDS KC is a youth-based program of the Digital Storytelling Center of Kansas City (digiSTORY KC).



Provide programs and resources that help meet the broader needs of regional organizations that seek to provide quality, STEAM-based learning experiences for pre-K-12 children in digital media and digital storytelling. We help regional non-profit organizations achieve more through our collective effort than those individual organizations could achieve through their own resources.

Purpose & Scope

Our focus is to provide kids with inspirational and educational activities in digital media and digital storytelling for the purpose of introducing them to STEAM-based careers and the satisfaction of working in the digital arts. We achieve this primarily through working with participating organizations. We will soon be offering our new digiSTORY Academy program: public workshops for kids that encourage inclusion and collaboration.


Primary Roles