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Google Story Spheres

360 VR sites and scenes that have zones that activate with voice over narration, music and/or sound effects.


Google Photo Sphere

A Google app that guides you and your smart phone through the process of taking a 360 degree photo of a scene, room or setting. The software in the app automatically stitches your progressive photos into a seamless 3D interactive photo.


Template for Making Your Own Google Cardboard


YouTube Tutorial on Assembling Your Google Cardboard


3D VR Apps

Rating Name of App Vendor Price Devices
★★★★ Visions of California Jaunt, Inc.* Free iPhone
★★★★ Paul McCartney Jaunt, Inc. Free iPhone & Android
★★★★★ The North Face Jaunt, Inc. Free Android
★★★★ Jack White: THIRD Jaunt, Inc. Free
★★★ Other Space Jaunt, Inc. Free
★★★★ Revolt: Big Sean, Blessing Jaunt, Inc. Free
★★★★ Kaiju Fury: Sundance Jaunt, Inc. Free
★★ Dreamizer Dreamizer Free iPhone
★★★★ Google Cardboard Google Cardboard Free iPhone & Android
★★★★ Roller Coaster VR Fibrum Free iPhone
★★★★★ Orbulus for Cardboard VR VRCraftworks, Ltd. Free iPhone
★★★★ Zombie Shooter VR Fibrum Free iPhone
★★★ Dive City Roller Coaster Durovis Free iPhone
★★★★ Jet Sprint FabulousPixel Free Android (Samsung)
★★★★ Tuscany Drive FabulousPixel Free Android (Samsung)
★★★★ 3D Virtual Reality FPS-Demo Unity Asset Free Android
★★★★ Insurgent VR Lions Gate Films Free iPhone
★★★★ Insidious VR Focus Features** Free iPhone
★★★★ Walking New York VRSE Free iPhone & Android
★★★★★ Evolution of Verse VRSE Free iPhone & Android
★★★★ Clouds Over Sidra VRSE Free iPhone & Android

Many of the above apps can be downloaded directly from Google Cardboard. *Download Jaunt Player for Jaunt 3D VR apps

**May not be appropriate for young children