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June and July are busy months for digiSTORY KC. During this time, digiSTORY KC is offering seven stop-motion animation workshops. Two workshops are open to the general public for kids from ages of 9 – 16: June 19 – 22 and June 26 – 29. The remaining workshops are offered through key program partners:

  • Ivanhoe Neighborhood Center June 6 – 9
  • Mattie Rhodes Art Center June 12 – 15
  • Operation Breakthrough July 17 – 21
  • Urban TEC July 20 – 21
  • Girl Scouts July 24 – 27


Ron Green, Executive Director of digiSTORY KC, states that “summer workshops provide more time for kids to complete the full process required to create and publish a good stop-motion story.” The standard format for summer workshops is four days of four hours each day:

  • Day 1: Understanding Animation & story/script development
  • Day 2: Creation of an animatic and recording of dialog & voiceovers
  • Day 3: Photo capture of story actions and character movements & expressions
  • Day 4: Post-production (green screen, titles, credits) and publishing

The same workshop offered in after-school formats during the school year is greatly truncated. Typically the student has only six hours to accomplish the same amount of activity. This requires taking short cuts and unfortunate omission of instruction on important aspects of stop-motion animation production. The summer workshop format gives the student and teammates the opportunity for a more satisfying story production experience.