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Jeff Daly helps kids embrace their natural creativity–and he encourages teachers to nurture that creativity. When Jeff speaks with kids, he asks them to raise their hands if they are artists. For Kindergarten classes, all of the kids raise their hands. By the third grade about half raise their hands. By the fifth grade a smattering of hands will go up.

Jeff contends “…it is crucial to encourage kids to create. They find their way in the world by expressing themselves and interacting with others. Early in life we are showered with blocks, crayons and finger-paints to stimulate our imagination.  As we grow older, people become more critical of our actions and start making suggestions on how we should behave.   Play is then viewed as a childish activity rather than an important part of the innovative process.”

Cartoonist Jeff Daly will use illustrations and animation to highlight these insights in his upcoming talk “Every Child is an Artist!.”  Jeff worked as a Writer/Artist at Hallmark Cards for 38 years.  He created an award-winning animated short, gave creative talks at Kaleidoscope and grade schools, coached his daughter’s soccer teams and mentored students in the Study Buddy program at Longfellow Elementary School.  His message shares how important confidence and self-esteem are to good performance.

Storytelling combines all forms of self-expression: literature, performing and visual arts. Using animation, Jeff will discuss how to inspire students to use their imagination and gain self-esteem through storytelling.


Thursday, June 9th

5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Think Big Coworking

1712 Main, Kansas City, MO 64108


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