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On June 21st digiSTORY KC began a stop-motion animation workshop for 14 fifth grade boys at Operation Breakthrough.  The workshop will be offered through the end of Operation Breakthrough’s summer workshop program. 

During the workshop, students will learn the full range of activities required for producing a stop-motion animation project.  These activities will include lessons on how animation works, story structure, storyboarding, animatics, stop-motion animation technology, audio recording & editing, character & prop development, movement & expression, image recording & editing, photo composition & camera angles, production techniques, importing videos & images, project editing, chroma key technology, using the design tool, adding titles & credits, rendering & publishing videos, and careers in digital media. 

Students have formed story teams of three or four students who are working together to develop an original story.  After writing their scripts they will begin voiceover work and adding music and sound effects to create their story’s soundtrack.  From there they will begin sculpting and animating their Claymation story characters.  On the final day of the workshop, the story teams will screen their completed productions to the class and to Operation Breakthrough staff members.

This is the first group to implement digiSTORY KC’s new 20-lesson online curriculum for stop-motion animation.  This new curriculum is being offered to K-12 schools and after-school programs through TEACH Multimedia of Lenexa, Kansas.  For information about this new online curriculum, contact Chuck Dolbeare 877 299-6268 at Teach Multimedia or Ron Green (816) 804-5917 at digiSTORY KC.