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The Diastole Scholars Center was the setting for a visioning event conducted by KCdigiSTORY Center in April with thirty-two key stakeholders. Four key stakeholder groups were formed to help the Center clarify priorities: economic and workforce development (KCdigiLeaders), youth & non-profit (KCdigiKids), post-secondary educators (KCdigiProfs) and media professionals (KCdigiPros).

Executive Director, Ron Green, provided an update on programs and strategic direction for the KC digiSTORY Center. Jeremy Knoll, architect from BNIM, provided an overview of the EDA Planning Grant funded feasibility report for renovating the Laugh-O-Gram Studios building at 31st & Forest.

Each of the four breakout groups provided feedback on KC digiSTORY Center strategies and helped establish priority programs. Here are some key recommendations from their sessions:

  • Establish strong brand messaging & communication
  • Get in on the ground floor of KC’s new KC Rising and Lumina development programs
  • Work with community colleges to develop fast track programs to entry-level positions
  • Act now to implement cornerstone professional development programs for KCdigiPros
  • Grow the digiSTORY conference
  • Deliver curriculum & digital media educational content support for K-12 and after-school programs
  • Establish a regional media training educational network: coordinate with local firms to learn their needs for media specialization and certification

The recommendations from this session are being incorporated into KC digiSTORY Center’s four-year plan. This plan will help the Center achieve levels of annual growth and progress that will enable it to offer full programming in January of 2018 when the Laugh-O-Gram building is projected to open its doors to the public.

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