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A recent video produced by Celina Wehr and Ethan Pate of Blue Valley Southwest High School demonstrates that the future of digital storytelling is in good hands. Celina and Ethan are students in the Broadcasting Technology and Performing Arts program at BVSW. They recently produced a short news video about Walt Disney’s life in Missouri and his work at the Laugh-O-gram Film Studio in Kansas City in 1922. You can view the video on Vimeo at this link:

Ethan Pate (left), Celina Wehr (right) shown with Steve Cortez, Instructor, Broadcasting Technology and Performing Arts program at Blue Valley Southwest High School.

Ron Green, Executive Director of digiSTORY KC, visited the BVSW broadcasting studio and production classroom recently to be interviewed for the video. What he found was a classroom full of eager students, a well-equipped soundstage and multimedia lab, and a buzz of activity as student teams worked on their projects. The available wall space was crowded to the ceiling with certificates of award for the students high-quality work.

The production studio at BVSW is well equipped and well used by the students in the Broadcasting Technology program.

Students are focused on pre-production and post-production work in their multimedia lab area.

The visit to their studio was delightful, and the result of the students’ project speaks for itself. Celina and Ethan took no short cuts in producing a quality video.  They conducted a professional quality video interview session.  They traveled to Marceline, Missouri and to the Laugh-O-gram building at 31st & Forest in Kansas City to get good images and b-roll for their piece. They also conducted research to learn about Walt’s history in our area and to find photos and animations from Walt’s time in Kansas City.

Celina and Ethan are living up to an ideal once stated by Walt Disney: ““Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”